Border Collie puppy tips  (for your new baby Border collie)
TIP #1
always have your border collie puppies confidence before starting the serious , lie down, stay there, and the important "come here"
dont over use his name, especially if it is associated with something he doesnt like, such as being caught.
If he hears his name all the time, it will soon mean nothing to him.  Use it on special occasions, when feeding, praising, or rewarding.
Never let your little Border collie puppy roam around the yard looking for things to do by himself.  He will only learn that he doesnt need you to enjoy himself,(remember you want to build a partnership with him, he should think that he needs you to have fun), and he WILL get himself into a heap of bad habits which you will have to get him out of.  Remember, it is easier to teach him the right thing, rather than unteaching him the wrong thing.  ( if that makes sense!)

Remember your BOrder collie puppy is an individual with his own thoughts and character. Some puppies can be shy when around 7 weeks old but soon come out of it when they meet all kinds of different people.  Try and expose him to as many sights and sounds as possible when he is young.

Discourage jumping on people right from the start by gently pushing him to the ground and only patting him when he is  sitting not when he is jumping on you.

Never let your border collie puppy take over the house.
he must know his boundries and his place.
crate training is a great idea. it makes house breaking easier, and keeps them out of trouble.  Helps prevent chewing and destructive behaviour when you are not at home.!
these ideas may or may not work for you but they do for us!!